Paul Simmonds

About Paul Simmonds

Paul has a BA, PGCE, and MEd and has taught in primary schools, secondary schools, teacher training colleges, and at the University of Birmingham. He worked overseas for the British Council for 15 years and was based in the Ministry of Education headquarters in Tanzania for 5 years. He has an MEd (TESOL) from the University of Manchester. He has had consultancy experience in China, Kenya, Tanzania and Pakistan and has also worked on textbooks for OUP, Pearson Longman and the Aga Khan Foundation.

Paul recently wrote an article entitled “England needs to learn how things are made in Germany” which was published by the Guardian newspaper online.

Qualifications & Experience

  • BA, PGCE, and MEd.
  • Taught in primary schools and secondary schools.
  • Taught in teacher training colleges and at the University of Birmingham.
  • 20 years work experience overseas.
  • Consultancy experience abroad.
  • Worked on numerous textbooks

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