Is there a money-back guarantee?

All our courses come with a money-back guarantee so if you’re not completely satisfied with your course you can return it within 30 days for a full refund.

What is the difference between TESOL, TEFL and TESL?

TESOL stands for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages and courses of this nature seek to provide for the needs of all students.

TEFL stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language and refers to teaching English in a country where English is not widely used, such as China, Brazil or Greece.

TESL stands for Teaching English as a Second Language and refers to teaching English in an English-speaking environment such as the UK, or in a country where English is very widely used such as India or Zambia.

In practice, there is no difference. Teachers with any one of these qualifications will be able to find teaching posts around the world. Employers are unconcerned about the certificate title as long as the certificate has been accredited by a professional body.

Do I need to be a native speaker of English?

No. Many non-native speakers of English have completed one of our courses and have gone on to teach English very successfully. If your knowledge of spoken and written English is good, then that should be fine.

How long will the TESOL training course take?

This is a distance learning course so the length of the course will depend on how much time you can spend on it each week. Some students finish their course in 6 weeks; most students take between 12 and 32 weeks. You can work through your course at your own pace. You have 12 months in which to complete it, so there is plenty of time.

How long will the Business English training course take?

This is estimated to involve around 65 hours of study. You may take a month to complete it, but others may take longer. As with the TESOL course you can work at your own pace.

Do I need to be a teacher already?

For the TESOL course, no, although some of our students are already teaching, or have taught in the past. If you would like to take the Teaching Business English course, you will need to have a TESOL/TEFL certificate first.

Are there any age limits?

You need to be 18 or over by the time you complete the TESOL course. Most of our students are over 21.

There is no upper age limit and as long as you are fit and healthy you can teach in many countries around the world.

Trainees on the Business English course are likely to be older because a TESOL/TEFL certificate is required.

VSO and some other organisations recruit many retired teachers these days so volunteers into their 60s and 70s are becoming more common.

Do I need a degree to take these courses and teach?

It is not necessary, although it may help you to find a teaching post. Many of our students have a degree but others have less formal qualifications. Apart from an accredited TESOL teaching certificate, what most employers want is someone who speaks good English and has an interest in teaching. Our students have gone on to work in a wide variety of different countries around the world.

Does it matter which subjects I've studied in the past?

No. Many scientists, mathematicians, engineers, salespersons and students of business, foreign languages and other subjects have gone on to make excellent English language teachers. The subjects you have studied are not particularly important in terms of English language teaching. However, any work you have done in the past is likely to make you a better teacher. You will need to have a TESOL or TEFL certificate before you take the Teaching Business English course.

Which certificates will I receive at the end of my course?

For the TESOL course (150-hour or 110-hour) you will receive a TESOL certificate issued by TESOL Direct which will qualify you to teach English in schools and colleges anywhere in the world. You will also receive a certificate from ACCREDITAT.

For the Teaching Business English course and the Teaching English To Young Learners course you will receive a certificate from TESOL-direct.

How will I be assessed on the TESOL course?

At the end of each module you’ll find assignments that you’ll complete and return to us for marking. These assignments include a 1,000-word essay, explanations of technical terms, explanations on how to present new language, evaluating lesson plans, writing lesson plans, assessing classroom situations and so on. Your assignments can be sent to your course tutor by email or post. Comprehensive feedback on your work will be sent to you normally within 10 days.

How will I be assessed on the Business English course?

There will be assignments throughout this course that you will complete and return to your tutor. Your final grade (Pass, Merit or Distinction) will be awarded based on the average mark for all of your assignments.

Will the TESOL certificate qualification be enough to help me to find a job?

Yes. Our students have gone on to work in many different countries in the Far East, Europe, Africa and South America, as well as the UK. The TESOL Certificate has proved to be a passport to an exciting life for many people. Accreditation by ACCREDITAT confirms the quality of our courses and will enable teachers to find teaching posts in schools all around the world.

Will TESOL Direct help me to find a job?

There is job information on our site and we can write references for you. We will do our best to help you find a teaching post through the agents that we have around the world; however, we cannot place you directly in a teaching position.

What sort of job can I get afterwards?

Many of our TESOL students find jobs in language schools in Europe or the Far East. Others work as volunteers in developing countries, some taking a year out early in their career or as a mid-career break. Some early-retirees find that spending time abroad teaching English is a very rewarding and fulfilling experience. Some work in primary schools while others work with secondary students. Many go on to teach adult learners. Some go on to work for themselves teaching one-to-one from home.

The Business English certificate opens up a wide range of different possibilities and the majority of trainees go on to work independently as trainers or for a language school providing business English classes.

Is the TESOL course suitable for someone taking a year out between school and higher education?

This TESOL course provides a strong foundation for those wishing to teach English to speakers of other languages, whether they are intending to make a career in teaching or intend to teach for a short time before going on to do other things. They opt to take our TESOL training course because it is a highly flexible and practical distance-learning course which is accredited by a professional body.

However, most of our students are over 21 and have already achieved a degree or equivalent qualification. If you are unsure about whether this TESOL course is suitable for you, please contact TESOL Direct so that one of our advisers can help you decide.

Will I have to buy any additional textbooks?

Our training courses are quite comprehensive and, for the TESOL course you will have three large modules to work through, so additional materials are not necessary during the course. However, you may find that you want to learn more so we provide advice on suitable books that should be helpful during the course and once you start teaching.

The Business English course is self-contained and requires no additional material of any sort. Nevertheless, we provide you with a free business English course book to give you an idea of how a complete programme might look.

How often will I be able to contact my tutor?

Every student has a personal tutor and you can contact your tutor as often as you wish. You can contact him or her by email (the easiest method) or telephone. We aim to provide all the support you need so please don’t hesitate to ask questions!

Why is your TESOL course less expensive than courses run by Cambridge or Trinity?

Our TESOL training course covers the same areas as the Cambridge/RSA certificate courses but since there is no obligatory assessment of teaching practice, the costs are significantly lower. However, our tutors are very experienced and very well-qualified and, together with the course modules, they’ll provide you with an excellent TESOL training programme.

What happens if I fail an assignment?

We are in the business of providing training, not simply handing out marks. If, by any chance, one of your assignments does not reach an appropriate standard, we will not simply give you a low mark. We will send you comments and suggestions and give you the opportunity to resubmit your work. If necessary, you could resubmit an assignment several times, although this is very unusual.

I have not done a distance-learning course before. What stages will it follow?

  1. You enrol on your course. (Via this website).
  2. The course materials will be sent to you by download.
  3. You work on the course materials at your own speed.
  4. You complete the first set of assignments, and send them to your tutor.
  5. Your tutor will mark your assignments and send you feedback.
  6. This will be repeated for each set of assignments.
  7. When you have completed your course, you will immediately receive a certificate from us.
  8. For courses accredited by Accreditat you can opt to register with them and receive their certificate.

Is there a difference between TESOL distance learning and TESOL online learning?

When you enrol on one of our TESOL distance learning courses, you can receive the course materials immediately by download from our server. You will work through the material at your own pace and have up to 12 months to complete the course. You will also have a personal tutor contactable by email, Skype or phone who will provide support, answer questions and mark assignments.

Our online/distance learning courses provide you with a professional training package. TESOL-direct specialises in online/distance learning and provides professional training at affordable prices.

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