TESOL Accreditation

TESOL Accreditation by ACCREDITAT

Accreditat LogoTESOL Direct now offers courses with TESOL accreditation by ACCREDITAT. This organisation specialises in TESOL / TEFL training and so it is ideal.

COT Institutional Member LogoTESOL Direct is also an Institutional Member of the College of Teachers and abides by its code of conduct.

Accreditation by ACCREDITAT means that our courses have reached specific standards set by this well-respected external validating body. It means that you can be sure that your course materials are not only of the highest quality, but also that your certificate will be accepted worldwide.

ACCREDITAT accreditation is very thorough and involves carefully assessing the quality of a material, the overall training programme, the company policies and the trainers. The accreditation includes:

  • ensuring that the course provider is properly registered
  • checking the qualifications and experience of all trainers
  • checking all course materials thoroughly for content and quality
  • evaluating all assessment procedures for students (assignments and so on)
  • ensuring that the course provider offers all students adequate support
  • ensuring that there are appropriate policies on admissions, refunds, data protection, appeals procedures and so on.

On completion of one of our TESOL courses, a successful candidate receives a TESOL certificate from TESOL Direct (as the course provider) and one from the ACCREDITAT (as the accreditation body).

When choosing a TESOL distance course or TEFL distance course make sure that the certificate you receive is accredited by a respected institution. TESOL-direct has been delivering TESOL courses for 20 years and provides training in 22 different countries.

Accreditation by a respected independent professional body is one reason why our courses are very highly regarded and our teachers go on to teach in the UK and in many other countries around the world.

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